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Lace up Your Wardrobe for Spring

All over the runways, sidewalks and in just about every clothing store right now is a trend to be had- lace. Lace, if done properly, gives a great texture to outfits. However, if done incorrectly, can make you come across as a skank.

For years, lingerie has been bracing the runways, but this year’s layered looks from some designers like Zac Posen, brings a whole new event to the playing field like colored lace. Contrasting the old-lady-doily effect of neutral tones, some designers have even been using a laser to cut lace patterns into fun textures like leather. These textures and tones focus on the romantic, the girly and the ultra-chic feminine.

To rock this trend and up your wardrobe potential, play it bohemian, western and overall romantic. Taylor Swift actually did a good job sporting this trend, with an off-white tea stained dress and her hair done in her signature tousled romance curls. If you wear lace, which is typically sheer, wear a foundation garment underneath like a tank top or a slip

The runways, however have been showing this trend in a little trampy, that being, without the foundation garment. If you respect yourself ladies, there is no need to show your underpants. If you must emulate this trend as the runways do, please, for the sake of your criminal record, wear underwear. It is no one on the street’s business if the waxing package you selected at the salon is referred to as “the Full Monty.”

If you are new to the lace trend, sport it one piece at a time. Try a lace top to add texture to jeans and boots, top that with a leather coat for the romantic-badass look. Another new-comer to lace look is to pair a lace skirt with a plain top. The key to wearing lace is to highlight the texture and bring it to your wardrobe as you would an accessory.

If trendy stores start mass-producing lace rompers however, I might hang myself.

Published in The Chicago Flame April 18, 2012

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Some old world practices belong in the past, but lace belongs in modern closets.

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