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Put the iPhones Away: Beepers Make a Comeback

Fashion trends have a tendency to come back in cycles. Mini skirts, bell bottoms, jumpsuits, wide-sleeves and the color orange have all had their fashion revival. The newest trend in technology, a throw-back to the 1990s is: the beeper.

Before cell phones, iPhones and touch-screen anything, the beeper brought us the bare necessities. All we had was a short message and a phone to number to call back. Lately, most people feel that with smart phones, that they are spending too much time with their wired technologies. The new wave in spending more quality time with those who really matter, not their 1,374 Facebook friends, is to revive the beeper.

Cell phones are easy to forget places and expensive to replace. With a beeper, you always have that baby strapped to your hip, making it not only unforgettable, but also concealed in classes.

Worn adorably on your hip, beepers come in many colors. If you get sick of one color, it is really simple to get different cases. For only a couple of dollars, you can match your beeper to any outfit.

Wearing a beeper makes you look more important. Everyone has a cell phone today, but only those who have beepers of the technologically elite, like doctors and drug dealers.

For those who worry about stalkers or are on-the-lamb, beepers are the answer to privacy needs. Cell phones can be traced by emergency personnel or general techie creepers, however a beeper is a one way thing, making it more personal and private.

Beepers are back whether you like them or not and offer many perks over cell phones. From the runways to the hallways, this trend is here to stay.

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Isn’t she lovely? Beepers, baby.

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