Familiar Faces: Jesse at Café DesCartes, BSB

He’s the smiling face that serves you perfectly hand-crafted mochas every morning. He knows your taste preferences, what classes you are taking and can answer a telephone by the second ring. His name is Jesse Silva and he works at the Café DesCartes located in the Behavioral Sciences Building (BSB).

Jesse’s favorite color is green and his favorite movie is Forrest Gump. His hero is the dark knight –Batman, and Jesse is an Aquarius.

Jesse feels he contributes to the UIC experience by talking to the students, listening to their troubles of classes and professors, as well as keeping them caffeinated.

Working at Café DesCartes is something that Jesse really enjoys. He keeps his barista job at the BSB location of Café DesCartes because he thoroughly enjoys the environment, and luckily for Jesse, it is close to his home.

“The customers are great,” Jesse says, “they should all come here (BSB DesCartes), enjoy the environment and buy coffee.”

After working at Café DesCartes in BSB for three years, Jesse has learned many things from his position. Being a barista has taught him patience, how to wake up early and that consistency is extremely important.

Stop by Café DesCartes in BSB between 7am and 5:30pm and say hello to Jesse. Always with an upbeat attitude and a knack for frothing milk so well it will stick to your nose, Jesse does his job well and is a familiar face that contributes to the UIC experience.

Published in The Chicago Flame March 6, 2011.

Jesse makes great mochas, what do you know about him?

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