Halloween Costumes in a Jiffy

Even last minute, you can have a Halloween costume that doesn’t suck like this one.

Did Halloween sneak up on you this year? It is understandable, no worries. Most of us are knee-deep in academia with midterms, projects and overall busy work. Some people are just humbug for Halloween, others are just lazy.  If you haven’t been set on your Halloween costume since late August like I have, check out some of these last minute Halloween costume ideas so you don’t end up being a ghost.

Be Snooki from the how-did-this-become-a-hit reality show, Jersey Shore. All you need is a bump-it, can of spray tan and a jar of pickles. As the night progresses, make awkward sounding whiny noises. It will surely be a hit, but hopefully not knock you to the floor.

If you like being a “real” celebrity, Justin Bieber would be a great costume this Halloween season. Just have really cool hair and dressy like baby Usher. I don’t see how this will go wrong. If people question you, just start singing, “baby, baby, baby oooh.”

Due to the recent events that took place in Chile, I feel like it would be quite timely to be a Chilean miner. Simply throw on some Carhartts and tape a flashlight to your head. Look very hungry, but happy to be free again.

For some girls, it is quite simple to wear one of my favorite outfits, the Walk of Shame. Just throw on a pair of boxers and an oversized button up shirt and be sure to accessorize this with a pair of heels, mascara running down your face and messed up make-out hair.

If you are too lazy to actually change out of the clothes you are wearing, throw a camera bag over your shoulder, a camera around your neck and pair this with a pair of sunglasses and be a paparazzo. Lady Gaga will be your biggest fan.

For guys, a great Halloween costume is to be Hugh Hefner. Just wear pajama pants, a silk robe, slipper and carry around a smoking pipe. You will be the ultimate chick magnet for sure.

I hope these last minute Halloween costumes help some of you out. You should probably wear these. If you decide these suck, do not, I repeat DO NOT dress up like Hitler, a Klansmen or a pedophile priest. You could get your ass kicked by the end of the night. Although they might be fairly simple, it is not advised, plus it is just tacky over-all.


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