Save the PJ’s for the Bedroom

Going to class in your pajamas is for online universities only.

Remember that day in elementary school called Pajama Day? It was the one day where it was acceptable to wear your sleeping clothes to school. Mom usually made sure you changed into a fresh pair of jammies too, not just let you roll out of bed with dragon breath and hop into the mini van.


As I am sure you have noticed, the times have changed since the third grade. You are an adult now (yay?) You can legally vote, marry and run your credit into the ground. My question to some of you though is: why is it so difficult for you to put pants on in the morning?

The only place where pajamas are acceptable is if you are having your morning coffee on your porch or possibly running to the end of the driveway to get the newspaper. Beyond the domain of your home however, you need to put clothes on. Only in emergency situations, such as a fire alarm going off in the dorms at three o’clock in the morning, are pajamas acceptable. Throwing on a pair of pajama pants is much appreciated if you are a nude sleeper for sure. It may be a life or death situation.

I understand that some of you have early morning classes and you just want to be “comfortable”. However, you being “comfortable” makes the general public uncomfortable. It is none of our business knowing what you wear to bed. Wearing pajamas in public is a sign that you just don’t care about the way you look and that says a lot about how you present yourself.

Illinois State University has even implemented a dress code policy for their Marketing program requiring a “business casual attire” minimum to be worn to class. The program helps students understand that it is not just about marketing a product, but it is also about marketing yourself. Wearing pajamas to class shows that you just simply don’t care about your appearance and well; let’s face it, first impressions matter.

Studies have shown that tardiness and absenteeism increased at companies that adopted dress-down policies. By not dressing like you are ready for class, you may be affecting your class grades.

If you have five minutes to leave for class, please change out of your pajamas. Simply slide your exhausted body into a pair of jeans and pair it with a hoodie. Your self-respect and those around you will appreciate it.

Published in The Chicago Flame October 9, 2010


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